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  • What should I look for when I hire a private investigator?

    Private investigator or professional investigation agencies are hired by attorneys, individuals or companies to perform investigations. These kinds of investigations vary as do the specialties of each investigator and agency.

    Professional private investigators should be trained in the most up-to-date and proper techniques as well as being able to utilize suitable equipment, sources, contacts and skills that are needed to perform their assigned investigations with positive results. Professional investigators should be apt at surveillance, interviewing, interrogating and researching skills just to name a few. Investigators take detailed notes; have a high degree of observation and reaction skills. 

    The ability of a private investigator to adapt and improvise is what sets them apart. Professional investigators should be knowledgeable in the laws of their operating jurisdictions and be prepared to testify in court regarding a y of their observations on behalf of their clients. Key factors to look for when hiring a private investigator are:

    • Are they licensed and insured?
    • Will they provide (non-confidential) references upon request?
    • Will they give you a contract stipulating what services you will be provided?
    • Are they experienced and well trained?
    • Do they have former law enforcement or extensive private investigation backgrounds?
    • Do they answer all your questions with specific answers?
    • Do they communicate well and offer to communicate frequently with you during the investigation and provide you frequent updates?
    • Will they provide you with a detailed report?
    • Are they members of a professional trade organization?
    • Are a live investigator and not an answering service available 24 hour a day?
    • Do they have the state of the art investigative equipment?
    • Do they possess confidentiality and discreetness?
  • When should I employ an investigator?

    As soon as you are involved in an incident whether a criminal case as a suspect, arrestee or victim or a civil case as a plaintiff or defendant or injured person or in a background investigation when you need information on a person or corporation you intend to do business with, rent to, invest in, etcetera.

  • What do you do in an investigation?

    We gather evidence and information whether it is physical evidence, photos, video, witness statements, impeachment information to support the facts in a case. Call us for a free consultation to further discuss your needs.

  • Why are background investigations so important?

    Knowledge is power. Whether it is a simple background on a tenant, babysitter, maid or landscaper to an extensive background of a potential corporate executive or company to which you plan to invest in or partnership with it is important to gather all information to assist you in making a decision on this individual or corporation.

  • Do you do surveillance?

    Yes, however surveillance is the most expensive form of investigation with the least amount of results. Please call us to further discuss your needs in regards to surveillance.

  • I tried to do an investigation myself. Can you help me now?

    Unfortunately some people try to do their own investigation. Some people may not understand that it takes many years of experience and practical application to become a proficient investigator. If you try to be your own investigator you may compromise your investigation making it more difficult and more expensive once you decide to opt for a professional agency to take it on. Call us to discuss your investigation needs today.

  • How much will the investigation cost?

    Each investigation varies depending on what is needed to be investigated. We charge a flat hourly rate and pass through at cost any expense that might be incurred during the course of an investigation.

  • When will my investigation begin?

    Once Revelations Inc. has met with you and been retained your case will begin immediately.

  • Can you guarantee the results?

    Unfortunately there is no agency who can guarantee results. It is impossible to predict what any investigation will uncover prior to us starting the case.

  • I'm interested what's my next step?

    Call us for a free confidential consultation. 1-888-473-8352.