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Private Investigator for Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beach Area 
November 29, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by SouthFloridaPI
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When trying to win a case for your client in South Florida, a private investigator is a great benefit. Whether you need an investigator in Fort Lauderdale to search out evidence in a criminal case, or do discovery in a civil case in Palm Beach, or even interview witnesses to find out what they know, having a private investigator on your team is a boost to an attorney. You may even need an investigator to assist you with divorce or missing person's cases. Whatever the situation may be, a private investigator is a sure way to get results fast.

There are many private investigators in South Florida, however, which means it may be difficult to make a choice. You want to win or solve your case, so you need an investigator that stands out from the crowd in important ways. You may need to do a bit of investigating yourself to find the best private investigator for your needs. An investigator who expertly delivers the evidence every time is a win for your case! But how can you know you are getting the best candidate for the job?

Introducing Dan Riemer: Expert Private Investigator

Meet Dan Riemer, the private investigator you will want by your side during those tough cases and for those unsolved mysteries. You need someone who is tenacious at getting answers and finding information - you need someone who stands out.

So, what makes Dan different from the other private investigators in South Florida? While there are many areas in which he surpasses the competition, here are three characteristics that point to why he is the best choice for your job.


Finding a private investigator with experience is critical. Without this crucial experience, you take the chance of someone not delivering the results you need. Through years of searching out clues, following leads, and interviewing witnesses, Dan has earned a solid reputation. His experience spans more than two decades, which has given him a keen eye for details. He spent numerous years working as an investigator for the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and mastered the art of thorough interviewing and interrogating. He draws upon specialized techniques that bring out the information attorneys need to finalize their case, and can apply this with ease across a broad range of different disciplines.

Real Results

Being a winner is how success comes for a private investigator. Without tangible wins, then an investigators reputation would fall apart . No one would want to hire someone who did not help the attorney win or who did not bring in the results and evidence necessary. Dan is clearly a winner. His 23-year impeccable record is proof that success is his game. He doesn’t plan to lose and that is evident in the results he achieves.


An outstanding character is also an important characteristic for a private investigator to possess. It helps build a rapport with the attorney when the investigator is honest, upright, and trustworthy. It also makes those he questions feel more at ease. Even courts, judges, and the media are impressed when a person has integrity. Dan brings integrity to every job. He will give you his honest assessment about what he can or cannot do for you in regards to the case. If Dan tells you he can help you out, then rest assured he will do it.

Dan Riemer possesses these three qualities and more. He goes to bat for his clients, working tirelessly for them. Serving primarily in the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas, attorneys find that Dan is a private investigator with the experience and success they need on the team. 

For more information about Dan's rates and services, get in touch with him today!